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Services Offering - ShipVal (IMS)
  • Valuation based on physical inspection of the vessel.
  • Desk-top or paper valuation.
  • Fleet valuation.
  • Sales of "Shipval Pac" - computer database software for ship's values
Physical inspection of the vessel prior to issuance of valuation report. If the vessel is located outside of Singapore, additional charges will be made on fees. Air-tickets, hotel accommodation and transportation will be charged at cost.

Desk-top or paper valuation is provided if for some reasons, the vessel is not available for physical sighting. In this instance, we require copies of the following certificates/documents to be submitted to us where applicable :-
  • Safety Construction Certificate
  • Safety Equipment Certificate
  • Loadline Certificate
  • Safety Radio Certificate
  • IOPP Certificate
  • Safety Management Certificate
  • Tonnage Certificate
  • Builders' Certificate
  • Certificate of Registry
  • Classification Certificate
Additional information required being as follows :-
  • Type of vessel
  • Year & Place Built
  • Main details of engine room & deck machinery
  • Cargo carrying capacity, dwt, no. of passengers, cars, teu, etc. (where applicable)