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Ship-Val (IMS) Pte Ltd

Ship-Val (IMS) Pte Ltd was set up at the beginning of the millennium year 2000 as a company to be more focused on the ship valuation aspect.

Ship-Val (IMS) employs a team of professional licensed appraisers.  Our clients for ship valuation include shipping companies, major banks, finance houses and government agencies.  We are also in the panel of appraisers for the Sheriff of the Supreme Court.  On an ad hoc basis, we have provided valuation assistance to the Singapore Navy.

We provide paper or desk-top valuation and value assessment based on physical inspection of the vessel.  Our valuation method is based on actual transactions of similar type of vessel on the resale market and our statistical analysis of it in "average" condition.  Should a physical inspection of the vessel be carried out, our assessment would be further refined to include the maintenance aspect of the vessel, its Class status especially with respect to approximation to completion of Class Renewal or Special Survey, Classification society, flag, country of build, fuel consumption, vessel's trading pattern (or in laid up state), etc.  At times, we do undertake overseas assignment for ship valuation purpose.

The type of vessels we appraised include larger ships like container ships, products and crude oil tankers, chemical tankers, asphalt carriers, cruise ships, general cargo ships and bulk carriers.  Smaller vessels appraised include passenger ferries, supply vessels, cabin cruisers, tugs and barges.  We have appraised new buildings at various stages of completion as well as vessels intended for the demolition market.

The ship resale market is also quite volatile and our appraisers constantly kept in touch with the market, not only on the valuation aspect but also the charter rates which indirectly do have some impact on ship valuation.

Besides ship valuations, we are fully capable of performing value assessment on earth moving/construction equipment such as mobile cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, bull dozers, dump trucks and other mechanical/electronic equipment like ISO tanks, hydraulic presses and electronic machines, etc.  

Committed to serving our customers, we constantly strive to improve our organization, improve productivity and take advantage of leading edge technology to sharpen our competitive edge.